November 27,2014
NFL Thanksgiving Day

Mark Sanchez scored his first rushing touchdown since 2011. (USATSI) Last time Mark Sanchez played on Thanksgiving, he gave us the butt-fumble. This Thanksgiving, he gave the Cowboys a butt-whooping. Butt-fumble happened on Thanksgiving 2012. Mark Sanchez holding the TD ball here obviously a silent nod it. #PHIvsDAL John Breech (@johnbreech) November 27, 2014 Sanchez threw for 217 yards and totaled two touchdowns as the Eagles embarrassed the Cowboys 33-10 in Dallas. It was the Cowboys worst Thanksgiving Day loss since 1989 when they lost 27-0. If the Eagles win proved one thing, it's that Sanchez is good enough to take this team to the playoffs. Eagles coach Chip Kelly made a star out of Nick Foles last season and it looks like he's going to do the same thing
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