June 29,2015
Greatest NFL franchise teams

Longtime fans of certain teams undoubtedly already have a particular season in mind. That year in which everything clicked and your team was at its absolute best.

For some of the more spoiled fan bases, it was a season that stood out from other championship campaigns. For others, it might just be a year in which a prototypical loser broke from mediocrity.

Here's a look at the greatest versions of all 32 active NFL franchises: 1925 Chicago Cardinals This is a little sad, but we're talking about a franchise that hasn't won a championship since 1947. The 1975 St. Louis Cardinals went 11-3 thanks to Pro Bowl quarterback Jim Hart as well as All-Pros Dan Dierdorf, Terry Metcalf, Mel Gray and Roger Wehrli, but they and the Super Bowl finalist 2008 Arizona Cardinals don't hold a candle to the
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