March 27,2015
Brinson: NFL Mock Draft

If you're doing a mock draft over the next month and have any inclination to put someone other than Jameis Winston at No. 1 overall, well, just stop.

The Buccaneers could go in a different direction but by and large they should be locked -- as they have been -- with Winston in the top spot. "I would say when people make that assumption, we haven't had the pro workout [for Winston] yet," Bucs coach Lovie Smith said Wednesday. "But we've done a lot of research, have watched a lot of video and had both [Marcus Mariota and Winston] in and talked with them individually and had them on the board. But the process, the game isn't over yet. I think you can have a leader, but you have to let the game play out and we're doing that." Something could still go wrong, but it looks like Winston is the
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