October 29,2014
NFL midseason awards

It's time for my mid-season All-Pro team, which has the same makeup of my preseason All-Pro team in terms of positions. There is no fullback. Why would there be? There are three receivers on the team. There's a left guard and a right guard, a left tackle and a right tackle. It's not fair to pick guards and tackles in general, especially since right tackles always get passed over when that happens. This team is position specific. On defense, I went with a 4-3 look, and added a nickel corner for 12 players. Hey, I copped out there. I also have one pass-rush outside linebacker and one cover/all-round player. I added special teams players, even if it's not a third of the game. It does matter. A little. QB -- Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos: This was a tough decision, but Manning gets the nod
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