September 2,2014
Preaseason Pile: Watt's up

J.J. Watt got paid on Monday and with good reason. (USATSI) J.J. Watts mammoth contract extension -- reportedly hammered out in the wee hours Monday night/Tuesday morning -- was the biggest headliner item on a pretty massive Labor Day weekend for NFL news.

The deal is reportedly worth $100 million over six years with $51 million in guaranteed money, making Watt the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history after only three seasons.

But thats how good Watt's been: He and his camp could've written literally any number down on paper, slid it across the table to the Texans and felt justified in what they sought. If you're starting a franchise today and can only pick one player and that player can't be a quarterback the player you're picking is Watt.
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