August 28,2015
Al Arbour: 1932-2015

Al Arbour coached 1,500 games with the New York Islanders, winning four Stanley Cups. (USATSI) One of the NHL's coaching giants, Al Arbour, passed away on Friday, the New York Islanders announced.

He was 82 years old.  He is survived by his wife Claire and four children, Joann, Jay, Julie and Janice.

"Al will always be remembered as one of, if not, the greatest coaches ever to stand behind a bench in the history of the National Hockey League," Islanders general manager Garth Snow said in a statement released by the team. "The New York Islanders franchise has four Stanley Cups to its name, thanks in large part to Al's incredible efforts. From his innovative coaching methods, to his humble way of life away from the game, Al is one of the reasons the New York Islanders are a historic
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