February 12,2016
Gretz: NHL trade targets

The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching and teams are starting to make moves.  We've already seen a handful of big deals (Ryan Johansen for Seth Jones, David Perron for Carl Hagelin) including the massive nine-player trade that saw Dion Phaneuf go from the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Ottawa Senators. Given where both teams sit in the standings, it's not going to have much of an impact on the NHL playoff race. But at some point during the next few weeks, a number of trades are going to be made that will have an impact on teams that are headed to the postseason.

Here, we take a look at a handful of teams that should be doing some shopping leading up to the Feb. 29 deadline and which players they should be trying to make a run at in an effort to strengthen their postseason chances.
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