October 31,2014
Gretz: Sustaining surprise?

Pekka Rinne has the Nashville Predators in a good place to start the season. (USATSI) As the first month of the NHL season comes to a close the top of the standings are filled with the usual suspects. Pittsburgh. Chicago. Anaheim. Los Angeles. San Jose. Teams like Tampa Bay and Dallas that took big steps forward last season and are poised to take another one this season.

These teams are good, we know they are good, and they are going to continue to be good.

There are also quite a few teams taking residence at the top of the leaderboard that are a bit of a surprise so far this season. We know that a fast start is important and that the points in October count just as much as the points in January, February, March and April. Those fast starts put teams in a position to succeed because it
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